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Drift Volvo 760 280Hp.

Drift Volvo 940 300Hp.



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Specialized in RWD Volvo


Steel Headgaskets 4 and 5 cylinder possible.

Sequentiel Blow -off up to 750 Hp, very very nice.

Speciale Stalen dichtingen.

4-5 Cylinders voor al dan niet Turbo's.

Sequentieel Blow-off valve 750HP, niet luid, maar mooi.


Einlass Spagetty, Stahl Cylinderkopf Dichtungen, unsw...

Schaue mal.

Injectoren: 1000 cc, oder wie Sie wunschen.




EGT with sensor






As we are 120-140- 240 -740-940- S90 etc drivers ourself for years, we wanted to give you the possibility to make your Volvo like YOU want it.

After searching for years we can now offer you a large range off accesoires and modifications.

We speak English, German and Dutch.











NEW low ET wheels available
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EGT sensor and Display.Most tuners use it and all racers- Drifters- Rally car and Japan cars must have it.

You need to know what is going on in your engine and head, (the valve's can get so hot it all melts) here in my car just 270C° at idle .The 16V Turbo, as mine is, has about 250Hp and is running 600C° at 4000Rpm .Do you see the need?Price is just 99 Euro+ sh.

Installation instruction in English and Dutch (Nederlands).

Our own EGT
Volvo 2017